My son has turned two today!

Last Saturday we had a small family gathering to celebrate his birthday(a steamboat session). He was so happy especially when everyone was singing the "Happy Birthday" song for him. I'm really appreciate and thanks everyone for coming!

I wish KJ stays healthy and happily always, happy birthday to you, muackkks!

It's been a long time since i have updated my blog! I'm just came back from Pulau Langkawi last week, a fun and nice trip which organized by my colleagues.

My wife and son joined us too. I always tried to record my family outing with my Xiao Yi action camera because my son loves watching the videos that i made for him and i think this is good to serve as a purpose of letting my son know what had happened during his baby time,haha... So i have made a 9 minutes plus video clip to sum up our 3 days 2 nights trip to Langkawi island, which i think i did not visit for maybe at least 20 years?

I parked my car at Putrajaya Sentral which some websites have suggest us to do so because the parking fares a very cheap compare to KLIA2 and we can then take the KLIA transit to KLIA2 to take our flight. But the problem that we faced when we reached the car park of Putrajaya Sentral was parking lots were too limited.

After near to 30 minutes trying very hard to get a parking lot, we were re…

Casual Couple Shoot

Last few weeks, i just helped my friends to shoot some casual couple shots, i will try my best to update here when their wedding actual day is near...

My 1st Prime Lens : Sigma 50mm F1.4 EX DG HSM

Finally i got my 1st ever prime lens : Sigma 50mm F1.4, woo hooo...So happy XD

At first i was looking for second hand unit but the targeted seller seem like don't have the heart to sell his lens(i have asked few times when to meet but he kept saying will let me know but never do so after that), so i started to try to look for a new unit.

I found that the new unit price of one shop is quite near to the 2nd hand unit price, so why not i get a new one?

Below are some of the photos of my Sigma 50mm F1.4, taken using Nikon D80 + Carl Zeiss Jena 28mm F2.8 Manual Lens that Donny borrow from Yong, so some of the shots might be out of focus

This is how the lens look like...

9 blades...

Just got the B+W 77mm UV filter today, 77mm = Wallet pain, ouch...

What you got in the box, and i forgot to include the lens hood,sorry hahaa..

Some sample photos taken by the Sigma Lens on my Nikon D80...

This is the Carl Zeiss Jena 28mm F2.8 that i actually like it very much!

That's all for the open box..Hope…

Weng Chye & Yean Yean ROM + Wedding Dinner @ Passion Road

On 3rd November 2012, it was Weng Chye and his wife Yean Yean's big day and i attended their ROM and wedding dinner which was located at Passion Road, Jalan Yap Kwan Seng.

Below are some of the shots taken by me, just tried my best to take some shots as they had official photographer, so better don't disturb him.

And i asked Vince to bring along his Sigma 50mm F1.4 so that i could have a try on this poisonous prime lens.

Congratulation to Weng Chye and Yean Yean and i wish both of you enjoy your marriage life happily :)

SUKI-YA @ Pavilion

I just came back from SUKI-YA @ Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur for dinner. Thanks Moon for treating me the dinner as my birthday celebration. This was a late late birthday dinner as both of us were extremely busy preparing for our wedding for the past few weeks.

The price for dinner(5pm - 10pm) for each person is RM 39.80 while lunch(11.30am - 5pm) is RM 29.80, price is subject to 6% government tax and 10% service charge.

For more information you may visit to their website -

You may choose 2 out of 4 choices(shabu-shabu, sukiyaki, miso and kimuchi) of soup, we chose kimuchi and sukiyaki...The result, both of us love sukiyaki soup so much..

Then there are 3 types of meat for shabu-shabu - chicken, lamb and beef..This is the beef...


And chicken...

Beef and lamb is my own favourite, whereas chicken is not so good..Hahaa..

Ohh and don't forget that all these meats are served unlimited, please eat as much as you can...

Moon is ready to start filling up her stomach with…

My 2012 Birthday Celebration

1st October, my birthday...Thanks for all the wishes from my dear friends, and my colleagues for celebrating my birthday with me at SUKI-YA, Pavilion then followed by a beautiful and delicious birthday cake, really happy for what they had done for me :)

My colleagues bought the cake from Delectable BY SU, Pavilion, a really chocolicious cake. But i were really full that time because i kept attacking the free flow of beef and mutton when i were having lunch at SUKI-YA, i could only taste 2 small pieces of the cakes XD

Below are some photos of the cake, i didn't take any photos when i were in SUKI-YA, maybe next time when i revisit the restaurant :P

Again, a big thanks to my colleagues for the lunch and cake! :)