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My son has turned two today!

Last Saturday we had a small family gathering to celebrate his birthday(a steamboat session). He was so happy especially when everyone was singing the "Happy Birthday" song for him. I'm really appreciate and thanks everyone for coming!

I wish KJ stays healthy and happily always, happy birthday to you, muackkks!

It's been a long time since i have updated my blog! I'm just came back from Pulau Langkawi last week, a fun and nice trip which organized by my colleagues.

My wife and son joined us too. I always tried to record my family outing with my Xiao Yi action camera because my son loves watching the videos that i made for him and i think this is good to serve as a purpose of letting my son know what had happened during his baby time,haha... So i have made a 9 minutes plus video clip to sum up our 3 days 2 nights trip to Langkawi island, which i think i did not visit for maybe at least 20 years?

I parked my car at Putrajaya Sentral which some websites have suggest us to do so because the parking fares a very cheap compare to KLIA2 and we can then take the KLIA transit to KLIA2 to take our flight. But the problem that we faced when we reached the car park of Putrajaya Sentral was parking lots were too limited.

After near to 30 minutes trying very hard to get a parking lot, we were re…