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audio-technica ATH-ES7 Portable Headphone

Just bought a new toy to reward myself, it is a used headphone and i bought it from a forumer from Chinese Cari.
My initial aim was ES7 but after i checked the price on Jaben's website, it is out of my budget. So last Saturday i went toJaben Subang Jaya to test some headphones, including another good headphone which is Alessandro MS1, and is within my budget thinking to bring it home if the performance is good. Unfortuately after i tried, i found that i still love the performance of ES7. After thinking for quite long and got some discount from Jaben's staff, i still decided to leave and planned to buy maybe few months later when i have more budget.
Then i posted the situation in the forum when i reached home and a forumer offered me his ES7 with a reasonable price as his unit is under utilized. After some discussion and finally i COD with him at KL Sentral yesterday.
Here are some of the photos i took when i reached home yesterday :

And here are some descriptions of ES7 :

Korea Be Inspired 2012 - Part 3(End)

That's all, i will post more photos of this trip whenever i am free, thanks for viewing!

Korea Be Inspired 2012 - Part 2

- To be continued -