The World Spiciest Pan Mee(天下第一辣板面) @ Shi Fu Wantan Mee Restaurant (师傅云吞面)

Last 2 weeks when i was in Chuai Heng Restaurant to attend Danny & Foong San wedding dinner, while waiting for the dinner to start(it started at 9pm -_-|||), Donny was sitting with me and he asked me whether i can eat spicy food. Yeah i actually love spicy food very much so he recommended this world spiciest pan mee which located near Cheras Leisure Mall to me. He said he and Shin Lee could not finish the bowl of pan mee because it was too spicy.

Yesterday, i went to Midvalley Megamall with Moon in the early morning because there was a "I Am Nikon" fair and they offered free camera sensor cleaning service.

The camera can be collected after half an hour, so we walked around and also have a look at the new Nikon J1 & V1 camera.

After that, we left and then we went to Cheras Leisure Mall area to look for this restaurant. After i round and round for few rounds, lol...I finally managed to see the restaurant.

This is how the restaurant look like, very traditional decoration, look like the place for those last time kung fu heroes or masters to have meal, lol..

"The world spiciest" words are here, we came to the correct place..

The inner look of the restaurant..

Moon, while waiting for our food to be served..

The waiter asked me whether this is the first time i visit to their restaurant and then he recommended us 3 types of noodles as their signature noodles which are Wantan Mee, Curry Mee and the Spiciest Pan Mee. He asked me whether i can eat spicy food and i said i will challenge their spiciest pan mee while Moon ordered "Sai Yong" which is a bowl of clear soup with wantan mee and 2 pcs of wantan. After that the waiter asked me whether sufficient to have 7 glasses of chinese ice tea, hahaaha such a friendly and humorous guy. After that, he came to my table and said let me refill the tissue box for you, lol again..

The menu, my pan mee cost me RM 9.00 per bowl..

This is the Sai Yong ordered by Moon..

Moon with her noodle..

And this is the main character, the world spiciest pan mee..

with a bowl of soup..

Me with my food, i am ready for the challenge XD

Look spicy?

Okay the pan mee is really spicy but i am able to finish it but keep sweating while eating, lol...
I still prefer the pan mee by Kin Kin as this pan mee is not as chewy as Kin Kin and the price is quite expensive :)

Some photos of the restaurant..




If you wish to challenge the pan mee, below is the address and location map of the restaurant :

Shi Fu Wantan Mee Restaurant
No 18, Jalan Manis 4,
Taman Segar,
Cheras 56100,
Kuala Lumpur.

Tel/Fax : 603-91314362

Operation Hours : 9am - 2pm, 5pm - 10pm


choi yen said…
Looks like ordinary chili pan mee but the price is higher =.="
GoDBleSz said…
@choi yen : Ya price is expensive for this bowl of pan mee, just to challenge how spicy is it. If visit again next time, i won't order this again, not worth the price.

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