Taman Pertanian Malaysia - Part 1

Yeah!!!We wanted to go this place for so long already, finally we've made it on 13-Jan-2008. Go there for what?This place nice kah?

Haha, actually we just want to go there for cycling and visit the "Four Seasons Temperate Garden" which is Winter now. So, we paid RM3 each for the entrance ticket, everybody rented bicycle and our journey began...

Come on, grab your bicycle and let's start our journey....

Donny and his friend saw the "Skytrex Adventure", then feel gatal to try it out already...LoL!!!He said next time must go back and play this, anyone feel interested to accompany him? :p

We decided to cycle to the left side of the taman...And we reached this "Cactus Garden"...

There are various kind of cactus in the garden...So we took a group photo before we left this super hot place...

We found out that's nothing much to see at the left side of the park anymore, so we turned our way back to the right side, to visit the "Four Seasons Temperate Garden"...

And when we were on our way to the four seasons garden, we saw this...Cute?

Hahaa....it was so aggressive -_-" We had to use tree branches to fight with the monkey gang...then only we able to continue our journey safely...LoL!!!Siao monkeys, go away go away!!!Good dog won't block my way so you are good monkey rite?Please follow the dog's rule....LoL!!!

Fuuuhhhh!!!Exhausted after fighting with those siao monkeys. so we relax a while beside the road...

Ok....the journey continue at the next post,hahaa...Four seasons garden, we are coming...!!!


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