International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta @ Putrajaya (Part 3 - Final)

As we were leaving the field for the participants to prepare for the Night Glow, i quickly snapped this...

Some of the visitors and photographers still not willing to leave =P

Then after we had a short rest, the night glow started...I didn't go near to take photos, only took some from far...


The clown felt shy =P

Haha, my lens is not wide enough to include all the hot air balloons...So these were part of it...

I also walked to the lake nearby to take a shot of a bridge...


All right, that's all for today...After that we went around Putrajaya for some night view shooting...Stay tuned...


Lulu said…
I like the shy clown...every photographer loved it! I saw it in ET女子's adorable~~
ET女子 said…
1st blog show nite hot balloon shot~~
nite glow start from wat time?
really nice shot!!
GoDBleSz said…
(Lulu)Yea,very unique hot air balloon,i like it too~~

(ET女子)Haha really?Ohh night glow start from 8pm/8.30pm if not mistaken...Thank you very much! =)

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