Night Shooting @ Putrajaya

After the night glow session, then we went around Putrajaya to take some photos of the beautiful city...



Don't have enough time to compose for this photo anymore...This was the first try, better than the second shot...


The cab was very kacau right? -_-"



Alright the last one, we were asked to leave by the security at this area, maybe this is a private area...So i also took like 3 shots then we run =P

After that, we were super hungry because we didn't eat dinner yet OMG...Take photos until no need to eat >"< It was 1am already, so we went to Sri Petaling to have some hot dim sum...Nice~~~But i didn't take any photo...Ahahaa....That's all for today, cheers!


ET女子 said…
for my experience, nikon D80 kitlens cant take nice night shot like tis .haha~ i aim for others lens oredy~
mimid3vils said…
Wow, ur night scene shot very nice~~~
Lulu said…
agree with them...the images are so sharp~~
Everytime I went to Putrajaya, I can found another new building..there are lots of huge and nice building to check out~~

The taxi is not really kacau lar...hahaa...
GoDBleSz said…
(ET女子)Haha really?I didn't use the kitlens for night shooting before.What lens you are aiming?

(mimid3vils)Thank you very much! =)

(Lulu)Yeah agree!Putrajaya is actually a nice place for shooting...
oLive said…
ur picture is nice!!!
which cam u using now?

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