Little Penang Kafe @ Midvalley

I went to Little Penang Kafe in Midvalley to have dinner with YuetLeng before the movie - "Aliens vs Predator 2".

YuetLeng took this before we went in to have our dinner...

YuetLeng ordered Asam Laksa & I ordered Curry Mee....We also ordered Cendol to share....

YuetLeng with her Asam Laksa....The soup quite spicy huh....taste was ok....(How i know the taste?Because i curi abit from YuetLeng to taste ma... :P )

And lastly, me with my Curry Mee....The taste was ok la, haha...(I didn't taste seriously because i had ulcer...So i just ate as fast as i

So, how was the movie?The movie quite gan jiong...Hahaa...But the story abit pahlia


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